The “Science” of Downton Abbey

Truthfully, this entry has nothing to do with science. I’m off on a two-week vacation in the south of England and earlier in the day, had stopped by the setting of Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle, home of the current Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, for a visit. For those who’ve never been but are a fan of either the television series or just gorgeous English countrysides in general, I highly recommend a day visit. Though be certain to reserve your tickets online well in advance.

Below is some of my photography from the day. Please enjoy, because I certainly did. The views are absolutely breathtaking.




Above are different views of the castle, the stately estate seen on the Downton Abbey television series. A number of the scenes are definitely filmed on this location, both without and within. The well-identified red drawing room is the first room on the tour. No photographs allowed unfortunately. You’ll have to enjoy it on tv or in person!


Above is a view from the back of the castle, where the old servants quarters (?) and the stables have been converted into tea rooms. We stopped, got ourselves a cuppa, along with scones, clotted cream, and raspberry jam. Delicious!

And then to the back of the estate, this is the view of the valley you’re greeted with:


If you walk further down the footpath, you can stop and snap some beautiful shots of the local flora.


As you wind your way down to the secret garden, turn around and gauge the view of the castle one last time:


Once into the secret garden, sit awhile and watch the hoards of butterflies and bees go about their business.


Where you can see the giant thistle:


And finally wander into the Monk’s Garden where they keep their roses…


Well, folks, I’m afraid that’s about all for this week. Alas, it isn’t science, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the views nonetheless. I’m sitting at a local pub in Pangbourne, I’ve just finished off my cuppa tea, and my laptop battery is about to give. So until next week, ciao!

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