Emily Who???

Hi, folks. This is just a quick update to let all my readers know that I’m getting married next week. More importantly for Science Over a Cuppa, my last name will be changing as I’ll be taking my husband’s surname. Therefore, just so I don’t confuse everybody too much, I’m posting a special entry to make you all aware. Also, all of my future professional publications will be under my married name. The good news is that if you ever search for me under PubMed or Google Scholar, it’ll be a heck of a lot easier.

After next week, I will no longer be Emily Williams but Emily Casanova.

PS: Hope everyone enjoyed the previous post on The Science of Paris. Those were my honeymoon pics. 😉

6 responses to “Emily Who???

  1. Congratulations, Emily! I am so happy for you, and I’ve really, really appreciated your blog. I just today figured out how to leave a comment using my system, and I’m so happy to be able to join in with the good wishes and celebration!

    • Hi, Eric, glad you could finally join in. And thank you very much for the congratulations! 🙂 We’re excited. Still lots to do over this next week though. I hope it all falls together!

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