Are You a Scientist?

Are you a scientist interested in writing a guest piece for S.o.a.C.? Think you have a topic worth posting about? Then email me at elwill08 at louisville dot edu and we’ll discuss it. Pitch me an idea, send me a sample of your writing, and let’s see where it leads us.


6 responses to “Are You a Scientist?

  1. Hi, no, not a scientist, but, I just want to tell you how very cool you are to have done this! It’s so very like you to present such a proposal. If I were a scientist, I’d certainly be lining up to propose something for posting at your site.


    • Thanks. 🙂 Although I can’t take credit for the original idea. I have been reading through materials on improving the quality of one’s blog and a number of writers have recommended offering guest posts, not only to improve blog-to-blog relations, but also just to make the site more versatile. At present, I’ve already asked Manny (my partner who blogs at Cortical Chauvinism) to write something for the post this weekend. (Which works out very well since we’ll have family visiting and my Sundays for the last few months have mainly been dedicated to writing a given post. Last week’s I was writing all day, collecting info!)

  2. Thank you for your interesting blog! I am pediatric neurologist from Kiev, Ukraine. I am interesting in problems of autism neurobiology and genetics and also connection between autism, epilepsy and anormel EEG. Could I sent you interesting ideas, if I will have it in future?

    • Hi, monkeywithlego! I’ll take a look around your posts. Are there any in particular you could point me towards, that you think might make a good guest post on SOAC? Thanks!

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