I think this speaks for itself.

If this video spoke to your heart, what part can you play to stop this from happening?

For several years I’ve made a point to go out of my way to recycle. But I also realize that reusing and reducing what I use are just as important. And so it’s my goal to apply all three R’s. Also, for small items to be discarded which may be choking hazards for birds like these, I’m going to pack them in sealed bags to try and prevent this occurrence.

I’m also sharing this video to people like you. I hope you pass it on as well.

One response to “I think this speaks for itself.

  1. Reblogged this on The Silent Astronomer and commented:
    I had been working on a post about “wormholes”—when I took a break and read some of the posts which I follow. This is one of the most heartbreaking videos which I have ever seen.
    Thank you for making me aware of it.
    Thank you Dr. Williams, Thank you!

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